How do I provide text to be engraved on my labels?

At checkout you’ll get 4 fields in which you can define what text should come in which Zone (see below). If you’re not sure, send an e-mail to shop@p-works.org.


Lay out zones

1CenterUp to 4 lines on Vaude labels, depending on font size and length of text. If chosen in combination with zones 2 and/or 3 limited to max 3 lines.
2Top leftLimited in length
3Bottom rightLimited in length

In case your chosen font is special and hasn’t been used before, we’ll test it and let you know if we expect any potential problems.

If you wish to create your own design you can send us a image with all the necessary info (fonts, font sizes). We will evaluate the work needed to prepare the productinn file. If it’s too much work, we’ll ask for a one-time fee of 5 € (VAT incl).

Attaching the labels

We have considered selling the glue with the labels, but that would create a lot of waste as you only need small amounts.

We suggest using a sealant such as Soudal Fixall. It has several advantages:

- As the name suggests, it forms a seal and water won’t get behind the label

- It keeps its elasticity

- It sticks to nearly any material.

We have used a hot glue gun, which seems to work fine.

What warranty is there on P-Labels?

The plywood P-Labels are guaranteed against warping and by which they would come loose from the pannier. One free replacement is included in the price.

Ink on printed plywood P-Labels may run out. This is not covered by the warranty.

For more detailed explanation see Transparency.


Is shipping cost included in the price?

No, shipping cost is added at check-out.