Pun-tangle development stopped


Pun-tangle development stopped

As the title suggests, we will not move on withe the development of the Pun-Tangle poject, as we have found a patent claiming exactly what we had in mind. Want to fnd out what we were working on? Simply read the description of Bruce Sho’s US Patent US 2013 030 54 95:

There is disclosed a collapsible cordmanagement device(1) and method, said device (1) comprising a plurality of hollow elongated members; (10) each of said elongated members (10) having an opening extending along its length suffciently sized to insert the cord (2) into the elongated member (10) and retained therein; Wherein the plurality of hollow elongated members (10) are positioned in a manner such that there is a gap in between them (10) for providing flexibility so as to be collapsible for storage of the cord (2). Each of the elongated members may include magnetic materials or formed from ferromagnetic compound or compositions.

So, after making and testing a successful 3D-printed prototype (thank you Modell’o Print in Brussels), finding a company for extruding the plastic pieces, making a business plan, considering a Kickstarter and finally trying to get in touch with Bruce Sho through LinkedIn to discuss his patent (he never replied though), well….what’s the challenge and the fun in “just” producing & marketing an existing idea. We are more designers & inventors than pure entrepreneurs.

The good news is this gives us more time to work on 3 of our other projects code named: Peeing Fairy, Poddler Band and Tent-P.