Sourcing materials

Our products are made from locally sourced waste materials which we recycle. By selecting suppliers we are able to use cargo bikes or even walk for nearly all of our business transport.

The plastic (PMMA) is obtained from Eclairbel, a local business which makes light boxes. We use waste offcuts of material left over from their manufacturing process.  The material is white and covered with a coloured film. The colour depends of course on the publicity or company it was made for.

Any scraps left over from our production are recycled.

The plywood is sourced from local groceries, we recuperate the wooden crates used for fruit such as oranges, clementines. We usually get them a few at a time by bicycle. Sometimes we pick some up when we’re pass by on foot.


We stock some PMMA and Plywood at Modell’o Print Shop, where all our labels are laser cut and engraved. They are at 5 km away, so we pick them up by bicycle when they are ready. Sometimes we need to get big sheets of PMMA to them, we will then exceptionally by car.

We are evaluating the emitted CO2 for the process to pay for carbon compensation. We are still searching for a partner, but will probably team up with CO2LOGIC.


Shipping is mostly done by regular post service. We try to get the labels in conventional size (re-used) envelopes. B-Post (Belgian post) has a ‘Carbon Neutral’ offer, which we are looking in to.

Of course, it may not sound logical to go through all the effort of using scraps and waste material if we go sending the labels half way round the world by aeroplane.

We are working on a type of ‘licensing’ for our product so they can be produced more locally. See below for more details.



PMMA (known as Acrylite, Lucite, Plexiglas, Perspex,..) is  not affected by water, dirt, scratches… no problem here. It is after all plastic.

BUT: the coloured film covering can get scratched by sharp objects. Well, to be honest, it’s still pretty hard to scratch.


The plywood looks and feels less durable. That was our thought too when we started using them.

A little afraid they would warp with humidity. So, as a test we’ve submerged them in water for 1 hour and from there put them straight on a warm radiator. No noticeable warping occurred. We are pretty confident, so we guarantee our Plywood versions against warping. Should they warp and come loose from your pannier, we offer one (1) replacement for free.


Wonder what’s in the 15 € you pay for a pair of labels?

Here’s the detail. It’s up to you to decide whether you think it’s worth it…

Initial development (licence software, prototyping,..)4 days120 €
Sourcing & Preparing PMMA4 hours/year
50 €/m3
Sourcing & Preparing Plywood0,5 min/label
0 €
Lay out & file handling
15 min/order0 €
Production4,1 €/pair
Shipping & Handling1 h/production batchCovered by customer
Total for 1 pair of labels without initial development1h16min6,85 €

Bloody h…., why are we doing this?


We have considered getting some sort of Intellectual Property protection for the labels. This would cost approximately (and at least) 700 €, without being 100% certain of having a kind of exclusivity.

Who ever wishes to copy us could do it rather easily (don’t forget our Creative Commons licence that applies to this though!). Instead of fighting competition, we suggest to work in a collaborative manner.

For 100 € you get access to:

  • All templates in necessary file formats (svg, dxf, pdf,…) to start production
  • All the info concerning fonts (which have we tested, which work best,…) font sizes
  • Info on used software and workflow.
  • All updates & new templates in the future
  • Everything is shared on a dropbox

We do ask you to:

  • Share new templates you’ve made
  • Maximise your efforts to minimise the environmental impact of your production.